Hi there!

Most likely if you’re here that means you probably know me and are interested in my book opinions.  If not – probably that you’re a random bookworm from goodreads. Or a creeper? Possibly all three?

Either way, this started out as a idea that was going to be a sort of ‘dueling’ book review blog between a friend and myself, but life has its ways and I decided to start the engines after two years and take it on myself.

It went from ‘Reader Demons’ to a singular ‘Reader Demon.’ However, there may be some guests that come in and are allowed to post, so the plural may show up sometime or another.


My name is Sabrina, and go by a few nicknames, Sab and Cornelius included. I’ll be your Reader Demon for these literary adventures together.

Generally I’ll be telling my honest opinions about my latest reads, and not going to pull any punches if the book is awful and potentially go on fangirl rants or way off topic if really good.

Also, just to cover my own butt –  any of my reviews are not condemnations to not read or go out and find these books for yourselves. I am not a professional and do not make money from this in any real way and honestly just because I hated a book doesn’t mean you will~

This will be a placeholder for now as I decide how I’m going to make this blog look, so be on the lookout for any changes. Also sorry that this is ugly af currently. I can make a site work but I’m not good at making it pretty. <_<