The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia by Daniel Harms


The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia: A Guide to H. P. Lovecraft’s Universe – Updated and Expanded Third Edition

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Essentially everything you could never think of in the Lovecraftian universe/Cthulhu mythos is in this book.

There’s not much I can review since it’s an actual encyclopedia, but I have to say that I have wanted/needed something like this bad boy for awhile for when trying to ‘fact check’ stuff about Cthulhu for other Eldery/Old God [etc] things.

So, if you love you some Lovecraft and need a resource of everything listed without having to look into the books for information, get this gem. It’s amazing.

I’ve let a few people borrow it already who were working on Lovecraft-based projects and they went and bought themselves a copy afterwards because of how helpful it ended up being.

For your entertainment, here is a tidbit from a randomly selected page:


“On the Sending Out of the Soul”

Pamphlet which appeared in Salem in 1783 and which circulates secretly through the occult community. The author’s name was never discovered, but this document was involved in a series of murders immediately after its publication. It is now so rare that very few booksellers acknowledge that it exists at all. On the Sending Out of the Soul is only eight pages long. The first ever contain only vague mystical language, but the eighth contains a formula for astral travel. One who uses this spell will be successful, but will also contact Hydra at the same time.



I give The Cthulhu Mythos Encyclopedia 5/5 Writhing Otherworldly Tentacles


[Not a cool quote, but I just want to say that with how heavy this book is, I could probably knock someone out if I used it as a physical weapon. It’s beefy and the spine is seriously solid]



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