Warriors of Legend [Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon] by Navoc/Rudranath




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[Totally not bootleg silhouettes of the Sailor Senshi/Soldiers or anything, nooooo. And in case you didn’t notice – this book is UNAUTHORIZED] {StopYellingAtMe!}

“The book Warriors of Legend is one of the first of its kind, using a specific Japanese anime/manga series- the megahit Sailor Moon- to teach about Japan. Neophytes to Japan studies will find Warriors of Legend an accessible way to learn about this fascinating country. Those who know quite a lot about Japan already will find their understanding enhanced by the way the book analyzes the nuances of Tokyo’s history and Japanese society. The book also argues that Sailor Moon is a unique series in that it was both internationally popular and strongly structured by the culture of the city of Tokyo and post-Economic Bubble Japan.”

[Before this review I had no idea what a Neophyte was. Just sounds like a Sailor Moon enemy that I somehow had never heard of. Also, ‘Bubble Japan’ sounds like the cutest thing ever.]



I love Sailor Moon, m’kay?

So this is a cute little tiny book. Less than 200 pages so I essentially breezed through it in less than a day. [In fact, a work day, I just read on my breaks]

Just a head’s up if you couldn’t guess: This is only going to make sense/be worth reading if you are a fan or at least very familiar with Sailor Moon the show and the manga. Also, this is pre-Sailor Moon: Crystal, but essentially everything mentioned about the manga is going to apply to SMC.

The book is a rundown that dissects plot lines/happenings, locations, and character traits/backgrounds in the Sailor Moon series and how it relates to culture in Japan vs Western Culture.

That’s pretty much it. It goes into quite a lot of detail of mythology, culture, etc. Including picture references and citations.

I went knowing I’d already know a good amount of it, but there was actually a lot I didn’t know, so it was awesome to be filled in on some of the finer details and also be to given clarification of some of the changes made in the manga vs anime.

Also, no interesting quote at the bottom unfortunately since it was all nonfiction/pop culture information and all. 😛



I give Warriors of Legend 5/5 MOON PRISM POWERSSS!





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