Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? by Caitlin Doughty




Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? [Big Questions from Tiny Mortals about Death] by Caitlin Doughty


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[That cat looks especially shady, and bleppin’]

Every day, funeral director Caitlin Doughty receives dozens of questions about death. The best questions come from kids. What would happen to an astronaut’s body if it were pushed out of a space shuttle? Do people poop when they die? Can Grandma have a Viking funeral?

In Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs?, Doughty blends her mortician’s knowledge of the body and the intriguing history behind common misconceptions about corpses to offer factual, hilarious, and candid answers to thirty-five distinctive questions posed by her youngest fans. In her inimitable voice, Doughty details lore and science of what happens to, and inside, our bodies after we die. Why do corpses groan? What causes bodies to turn colors during decomposition? And why do hair and nails appear longer after death? Readers will learn the best soil for mummifying your body, whether you can preserve your best friend’s skull as a keepsake, and what happens when you die on a plane.


[There’s illustrations for every kid-question in this book by artist Dianné Ruz and I love them/their style. I immediately went and followed them after finishing the book]



I’m sure if you’re a regular reader of my reviews, you’ll recognize the author name. I’m a big fan of Caitlin, and have read/reviewed her two other books, here and here. While this book wasn’t as much directly in my interests compared to her previous because the book are her answers to questions from kids [some outlandish as expected, and some that are commonly asked/known by adults], it was still amusing. I still learned quite a few things I hadn’t known before, and I fell in love with the illustrations.

It’s a fairly simple setup. Awhile back Caitlyn reached out to her followers as well as asking parents that were there for conferences/TED Talks/etc about questions their kids had about death. She answered many of them but chose her favorite 35 to publish as a book. Each question/answer is given a chapter with an illustration.

Some of the questions aren’t really related to Caitlyn’s expertise [funeral/mortuary-related questions], but she still does the footwork and research needed in order to answer these as well.

I don’t want to give all the questions away because I think everyone should read this book and especially consider opening up the avenue for discussing death with kids so it doesn’t become ‘taboo’ but here are my favorites:

When I die, will my cat eat my eyeballs? 
Can I keep my parents’ skulls after they die? 
Can I preserve my dead body in amber like a prehistoric insect? 
We eat dead animals, why not dead people?
Can I be buried in the same grave as my hamster? 
Can I use human bones from a cremation as jewelry?

I enjoy any book that references cannibalism and how metal cats are. [If you’re still wondering what the answer is to; ‘will my cat eat my eyeballs?’ Any cat owner can tell you the answer]


I give Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? 4/5 Saran-Wrapped Corpses


“At the end of the process, you can’t tell who went in the crematory machine a 450-pound person, and who went in a 110-pound person. The flames are the great equalizer.”

“It is my sincere belief that you are never too young to ask the hard questions about cannibalism. So let’s dig in [wink] to the topic of eating human flesh!”






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